The EAI SATER-TEA 2023 conference will be held under the patronage of Eric Jacquemin, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Cameroon.


Lecture series: “Mathematics for Responsible Artificial Intelligence” The responsible use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence requires to have the necessary knowledge and skills to contextualize these technologies that will be created in the next decade. The prior step is to get into the black boxes and made them white boxes by extracting theories that constitute the algorithms. The expected responsibility during the application of these technologies in agriculture, health, energy depends closely to the responsibility of algorithms and therefore to the people who build these algorithms. The series of lectures under the theme “Mathematics for Responsible Artificial Intelligence” during the EAI SATER-TEA 2023 conference aim at (i) showing and simplifying mathematics from inside the backboxes of Machine and Deep Learning and illustrate applied case studies in sectors such as health, agriculture and energy (ii) simplifying mathematics related to responsibility and illustrate on the same case studies as in (i). The following lectures are considered:
 Mathematics for Data
 Mathematics for Machine Learning
 Mathematics for and Deep Learning
 Mathematics for Responsible Machine and Deep Learning
The detailed program and experts will be announced soon!